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Making payments
(Payment methods at convenience stores)

Tickets reserved on our website or Reservation Center can be paid for at a local convenience store.

Please note for convenience-store payment

  • 1.Acceptable payment methods vary, depending on the convenience store. Please confirm requested required payment method before you make any payment.
    • *No request for cancellation of your reservation is accepted in the convenience store. We appreciate your understanding.
  • 2.A payment slip ("領収書" or "受領書"), which is issued upon payment at a convenient store, is deemed as an air ticket exchange slip and receipt from Skymark. Please note that not all reservation information may be included on the slip.
  • 3.If the total amount of payment exceeds 300,000 yen, you cannot make the payment at convenience store.
  • 4.Please make sure to present a payment slip ("領収書" or "受領書"), when you check-in for outward and homeward flights at the airport. The slip will be returned to you after it has been checked by our staff.
  • 5.Regardless of whether the fare is changed (decrease or increase in fare afterwards), the fare payable is the price shown at the time "payment at convenience store" is selected(*).
  • *When the payment number is issued.

The payment authorized convenience stores

Payment can be submitted to the following convenience stores. Click on a convenience-store logo below to learn how to submit payments with them.