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Information for Connecting Flights

Information about connections for "Domestic flights ⇔ Domestic flights" and "Domestic flights ⇔ International flights". Please read prior to boarding.

Please allow at least 60 minutes for connections from the airport to ground transportation (bus, train, monorail). Skymark Airlines does not cooperate with other airlines to offer any transportation.
We are not liable for any missed connecting flights offered by other airlines at the arrival airport. Please allow enough time for connections.

Connections for "Domestic flights ⇔ Domestic flights"

When connecting to domestic flights operated by SKYMARK, at check-in for the first segment you can check yourself and your baggage in all the way through to the third segment *.
For connecting flights with other airlines, please check in with the respective airline.

  • *You are required to check in at the airport counter.

Time Required for Connections

Connections Connection time (estimate)
Skymark Airlines ⇔ Skymark Airlines Over 30 minutes
Skymark Airlines ⇔ Other airlines Over 120 minutes

About Transit Between Airports

Connections Connection time (estimate)
Hokkaido New Chitose ⇔ Okadama Over 2 hours and 30 minutes *
Kanto region Haneda ⇔ Narita Over 3 hours and 30 minutes *
Kansai region Kobe ⇔ Kansai Over 2 hours and 55 minutes *
Kobe ⇔ Itami
Kansai ⇔ Itami
  • *Includes time required for transfer via transportation.

Connections for "Domestic flights ⇔ International flights"

If you have checked baggage, please pick up your baggage and recheck it at our counter in the connecting airport.

Time Required for Connections

SKYMARK Domestic flights ⇔ Another airline's International flights
Connections Connection time (estimate)
No transfer between airports Over 120 minutes
Haneda ⇔ Narita Over 3 hours and 30 minutes *
Kobe ⇔ Kansai Over 3 hours and 35 minutes *
  • *Includes time required for transfer via transportation.