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Our compensation in the event of change of original destination (Diversion)

If we are unable to operate the flight to the original destination due to aircraft maintenance, medical crisis or bad weather at the destination airport and it causes flight cancellation between the alternate airport and your original destination, or if flight operations cannot be rescheduled, we will take one of the following measures.

1. In the event you would like to continue your travel to your destination airport

In principle, you will be rerouted on the next Skymark flight with available seats, on another Skymark flight subject to availability or other means of ground transportation so that you can travel to your original destination airport.

  • *In addition, we are not responsible for transportation to take your rerouted flight or the additional transportation from your arrival airport. Please read carefully and understand your rights in advance.

2. In the event you decide to cancel your travel to your destination airport

We will refund the fee for the route which Skymark Airlines specifies that we are unable to transport.

  • *If you have purchased your ticket at a travel agency, please contact your travel agency.

Please prepare your boarding pass with you since it is required for the rescheduled flight to your original destination or for refunds.

Reservation changes, refunds, and other services are provided at our Reservation Center or airport counters.