Ticket rules in the event of bad weather

For cancellations or delays due to meteorological conditions, Skymark Airlines will take the following measures at your request. Please note that changes, refunds and other services for reservations will be provided at the reservation center and airport counter.
*If your flight is cancelled or is subject to a long delay, we will send a notice (Japanese only) to your pre-registered e-mail address. We recommend you to register here.
If you have registered using a mobile phone address and have set to receive e-mail from specific domains only, please be sure to specify “@skymark.jp” to receive such notifications.

"Changing reserved flights" applies only to flights of the same route division operated by Skymark.

In the event of any difference between costs of fares, caused by a change of reservation.
After a change of reservation, if the fare amount is higher than the original amount, you will not be charged the difference.
After a change of reservation, if the fare amount is lower than the original amount, we will refund the difference.
*Adjustment of price difference will not be made for reservations other than Normal Fare for Adults/Children and Discount Fare for Disabled.
Validity Period
If the ticket cannot be used within the validity period, you may allowed to extend for another 30 days after the expiration date.
In the event of a reservation modification, you are not required to any charges for refunds or cancellations.

Where to get refunds
Skymark Airlines airport counter, and travel agencies.
* For the travelers who purchased at the travel agency, refunds are available only through the travel agency where you purchased.
* A flight that has been purchased at a convenience store will be refunded in cash at a Skymark Airlines airport counter or to your bank account.
Refund charges
For refund, there is no additional charge or cancellation charge.

With other flights that have been delayed or cancelled, even if the scheduled departure time has elapsed, we will still refund as stated above if it is still within the refund period.
Please call during our business hours within 10 days of the scheduled date of flight.
* For cancellation of reservations, including those for cancelled flights, passengers can claim a full refund from our web-site (PC/smartphone/mobile), even after the scheduled departure time. (Some fares are excluded.)
Depending on the status of reservations, some refund claims may be rejected. In this case, please contact the reservation center or the airport counter.