When traveling on Skymark Airlines, if the cancellation was caused by events within our control such as aircraft maintenance, you may in some circumstances be entitled to assistance and/or compensation depending on your journey and applicable law.
For any questions, please contact Skymark Airlines reservation center.
You have the choice between;

You will be rerouted on the next Skymark flight with available seats, or in some circumstances on another airline or some other alternative means of transportation, subject to availability.
We will pay the airfare on other airlines or the cost of other transportation for your re-routing within certain range, subject to Skymark Airlines approval. Even if we are unable to reroute you on the same day, we are not responsible for your hotel accommodation and booking fees. In addition, we are not responsible for transportation to take your rerouted flight, or the additional transportation from your arrival airport. Please read carefully and understand your rights in advance.
Where to claim your reimbursement
Skymark Airlines reservation center, our airport counter, travel agency where you purchased your tickets.
*If you have tour fare tickets issued through certain travel agencies, please contact your travel agency.
Refund fee:
We do not charge refund or cancellation fee.
You have to request a refund for flight cancellation within a 10-day period from your scheduled time of departure.
We will extend your ticket date validity

You can request for your ticket validity date to be extended for a maximum of 30 days (for unused tickets).